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Artilleriet Kitchens


Our vision

Artilleriet's vision is that everything that fills a home should be beautiful to look at, tactile to touch, and possess the quality for a sustainable lifestyle. The interior design around you should bring comfort and joy to everyday life. The kitchen is the heart of the home and, for many, the most important room in the house. Needless to say, a kitchen deserves thoughtful attention and consideration.



Lifetime quality

Kitchens that endure as long as the house they are in. Houses are built to last for generations. We fundamentally think that a kitchen should be just as durable. A kitchen must last a considerable amount of time, and it must be possible to repair, supplement and alter it over time. Our kitchens are built through traditional craftsmanship which has been formed by generations of knowledge and refinement.



Rare durability

It's simple; durability is built using carefully considered material choices. Therefore, we have chosen solid wood for all compartments of our kitchens. The kitchens have no metal boxes, plastic or wood fiber boards. No details need to be hidden behind a facade of fronts and covers, which is unusual in kitchen design today.



A standard, the highest possible.

We do not compromise on quality and craftsmanship. Our kitchens are manufactured with the highest quality in all parts. Throughout we choose the highest quality from wood to fittings, worktops, and appliances. Finally, all our kitchens are manufactured by Sweden's most skilled artisans.



Tre Sekel - No shortcuts to perfection

Our kitchens are manufactured from scratch at Tre Sekel in the small town of Tibro in Sweden. Known for its solid work, the carpentry Tre Sekel stands for unequaled knowledge of manufacturing handcrafted wooden furniture and kitchens that few can brag about. It’s unique for carpentry to manufacture artisanal furniture and kitchens under the same roof. And it turns out that the kitchens that leave the factory are as beautiful to look at as they are tactile and ergonomic to use - just as a perfectly crafted chair. In our world, the kitchen is a piece of furniture, and there are no shortcuts to perfection.


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