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Project Björholmen 


In a landscape entirely characterized by granite, heather, and the Western Sea, lies Björholmen, a final outpost on the northern tip of Tjörn. Here, Sara and Niklas have chosen to realize their dream of a home. In this rugged landscape, where the sea is always present, they have created a sanctuary filled with a tranquil sensation.

Sara and Niklas had a distinct vision of how their dream kitchen should look and be experienced. Harmony with the surrounding landscape was important, and top quality and honest materials were at the forefront of the list. A solid wood kitchen was therefore a natural choice.



The layout of the house has been opened up to give the kitchen a more central role within the home and daily life. The kitchen is characterized by a spacious central island, perfect for cooking together with family or friends, while also serving as a workspace with a laptop in front of the large window framing the nature outside.

The kitchen is designed in solid Danish oak, with countertops in a combination of oak and stone. The interior of each part of the kitchen carries the same tone as the exterior, creating a cohesive and harmonious kitchen environment. In Sara and Niklas' kitchen, the appliances are discreetly integrated, and the choice of a cooktop from Bora with a built-in extractor was an organic part of the design concept.




The vision behind the entire kitchen design aimed to craft a tranquil and harmonious kitchen, seamlessly integrated into the home. Artilleriet's kitchens are inherently designed to be perceived as furnishings as much as functional spaces, standing out while also seamlessly melding into the overall home environment.




We take pride and joy in Sara and Niklas' choice of Artilleriet Kitchen Studio to execute their dream kitchen project— an enduring kitchen for years to come.

Photo: Viktor Krüger, styling: Sophia Bratt

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