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Kitchen Studio


Kitchen Studio

Our kitchens are a piece of furniture. When designing kitchens, our aim is for it to become a natural part of the home, harmonizing with the setting and furnishings. The kitchen should stand independently, without clinging to walls or fill out an entire room. We aim to turn the perception of the kitchen as a functional space into a furnished room to live in. However, functionality is never ignored; it is an essential aspect togehter with our ethos of quality and design. 



There are no limitations to how our kitchens can be designed. We want to challenge the idea of what a kitchen is without compromising on function and quality. As all our kitchens are built uniquely for each project, there are no measurement- or design constraints. With the home as a starting point, we create personal kitchens that are completely adapted to each individual client and built to last for generations.



Each kitchen is locally produced by skilled craftsmen at Tre Sekel in Tibro. The unique skills of the cabinetmakers allow every detail of the kitchen to be manufactured with the highest standard of craftsmanship, which is rare in today's kitchen design. Every kitchen is built based on each customer's unique requirements and conditions without any additional costs.



The process

Building a kitchen is a big decision, whether you are replacing a kitchen or building one for the first time. We aim to make the process as easy as possible and to guide and advise you when realising your dream kitchen. 

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