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design studio - Private Design Consultation

Based of our selected range of furniture, details and lightning from premium brands around the world, we create individual design solutions for your personal preference and taste. The assignment may broadly range from how to specifically decorate a single room, or how to furnish a entire house.

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design studio - Professional B2B

Artilleriet Design Studio creates public spaces that challenge the idea of how a workplace, meeting place, a hotel or a restaurant can look and be experienced. With creative height and unconventional solutions, we build environments that make people feel comfortable, feel good and at home and at work.

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We design kitchen environments for a variety of homes. Our aim is to challenge the conventions of what a kitchen can be, while maintaining a strong focus on functionality and quality. Each kitchen is uniquely crafted at the Tre Sekel factory in Tibro, free from standardized dimensions. Guided by the customer's vision, we create personalized kitchens, tailored for both current and future generations.

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Design Studio


Artilleriet Design Studio creates interior design projects that challenge the idea of what an interior can be. With people and life at the center, we build private homes and public environments that radiate harmony and creativity. With a great habit of tailoring personal solutions, we undertake each assignment with the desire to deliver experiences far beyond what is expected. With a focus on high quality and international design, we create unique places that take you home, wherever you are.

Artilleriet stands for an eclectic collection of home furnishings, furniture, and details. The range consists of a carefully selected and hand-picked mix of classic vintage and innovative designs from around the world. We work with well-known brands with recognized high quality, and lesser-known suppliers with great potential.

"We always build our worlds around people and life itself, this – along with our wide range of global design – makes for a personal and friendly atmosphere way above the expected. With creativity and high quality we create unique places and individual solutions, welcoming you home – wherever you are." 

- Sofie & Christian