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Marsden Hartley - Canuck Yankee Lumberjack

760 SEK


A poster from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with the work 'Madawaska Acadian Light-Heavy' (1940) by the American artist Marsden Hartley (1877-1943). Despite being hailed as "America's first great modern painter of the 20th century," Hartley's original contributions have often been overlooked. In 2019, Louisiana proudly showcased him in the first retrospective European exhibition in over 60 years.

Marsden Hartley, both a painter and a poet, led a nomadic existence, frequently traversing between Europe and the United States. His work serves as a bridge between European and American modernism. Late in life, Hartley returned to his native Maine, where he embarked on a series of portraits, notably focusing on men and their physical forms. Among his subjects was the French-Canadian boxer, Madawaska.

102,2 x 73,7 cm
Frame is not included.