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Hilma af Klint - De Ti Største - nr. 7 Man

890 SEK


An exhibition poster from Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, featuring the work Mannaåldern, De tio største, no 7, (1907) by the Swedish artist Hilma af Klint.

Hilma af Klint has not taken up much space in art history, although she can be listed as one of the pioneers of abstract art. Her extensive work is created in a spiritual space inspired by e.g. theosophical and anthroposophical currents, where she links inner experience and symbolic language.

The story of the artist is fascinating and unknown to most. It's a story about a female artist on the edge of the established canon. She belongs to the first generation of academy-educated women in Europe. She was educated in Stockholm in naturalistic portrait and landscape painting. Hilma af Klint's pictorial universe is visually strong, color-experimental, and rich in symbols.

140 x 97,7 cm
Frame is not included