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12 760 SEK


As a result of experimentation with geometric forms in the Apparatus library, the censer connects ancient rituals with the tradition of coveted objects. Spun cast and machined brass are assembled to create a form that recalls a chalice. As an incense burner, smoke emerges from a hand-cast porcelain dome and as a candleholder, the censer becomes a brass torch that emits a soft glow.

Apparatus is a New York-based interdisciplinary design studio that explores the relationship of lighting, furniture, and objects in their environments. Predicated on the modernist principle of Gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art, fully articulated collections reveal individual pieces as artifacts of a holistic world - each referencing the historical and cultural mood summoned by a singular vision.

Waxed brass, porcelain and leather.
120 sticks of Apparatus + Cinnamon projects.
Height: 15 cm
Width: 10 cm