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Mohair Tassel Throw - Ultimate Beige

4 970 SEK


Indulge with our Mohair Tassel Throw. Hand-woven with precision using the finest Mohair, enriched with a touch of wool for enhanced body and durability, each throw is a testament to craftsmanship and extra-brushed for softness and voluminosity. Finished with the touch of handmade tassels.

Mohair stands as one of the most exclusive fibers renowned for its lightness, warmth, shine, and unparalleled softness. Experience the thermoregulating magic of Mohair as it adapts to your body temperature, offering thermal comfort.

Hand-woven in Europe, showcasing traditional craftsmanship.

73% Mohair, 24% Wool, 3% Polyamide
130 x 210 cm
Our Mohair Tassel Throws are timeless and designed to endure. By following our simple care instructions, you ensure your throw maintains its pristine condition for years to come and contribute to a sustainable approach by minimizing washing frequency.
Gently brush in the direction of the nap to retain the luxurious texture. Between uses, give your throw a good shake and allow it to air out. Address any stains promptly with spot cleaning to maintain the pristine appearance. Mohair boasts natural antibacterial and odor-resistant properties, reducing the need for frequent washing. If necessary, preserve the integrity of your throw by opting for dry cleaning.