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May 16, 2024

The Home of Artist Karolina Kling

Karolina Kling is a versatile artist born in Gothenburg whose art projects have moved from textiles and the fashion industry to striking wall paintings and wallpaper collections. Her significant visual language could be described as geometric with distinct color combinations, but she also wants to express her style as fluid and constantly evolving.














In an exclusive collaboration with Karolina, Artilleriet has produced three prints from her original paintings - Distant Hug, Mediterranean Summer, and Orange Light.

During a visit to Karolina's inspiring home in Linnéstaden, Gothenburg, we had the opportunity to discuss her own sources of inspiration when it comes to interior design.

"A home should feel fun and inspiring, not so serious"

A major inspiration is Beata Heuman and the way she manages to mix colors and patterns in such an appealing way. I like very personal homes and love buying things when I travel. Preferably at markets and antique shops and then mix everything together. A home should feel fun and inspiring, not so serious.