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May 23, 2023

Cappelen Dimyr x Atelier Vime

For their newest editorial, Cappelen Dimyr has partnered with the eclectic and passionate duo behind Atelier Vime in Vallabrègues, located in the South of France. Atelier Vime, managed by Anthony Watson and Benoît Rauzy, exudes a captivating charm that blends contemporary elements with timeless aesthetics. During the recent spring season, they embarked on a journey to France to capture the essence of Atelier Vime's historic properties.

Watson and Rauzy's dedication to their craft shines through their meticulous restoration of 20th-century wicker pieces in their historic workshop. Today, they create contemporary wicker furniture, collaborating with local artisans and garnering a devoted design following.

Photographer Mike Karlsson Lundgren captures the essence of their vision, seamlessly integrating their rugs into striking interior compositions. Atelier Vime resonates with Cappelen Dimyr's values, making it a dream destination for their shared vision of modern luxury.