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Jun 07, 2024

Artilleriet x Cappelen Dimyr

In a creative collaboration between Artilleriet and Cappelen Dimyr, we have curated interiors for the rooms of a former Danish royal summer retreat, celebrating the harmonious interplay of old and new. From artisanally crafted furniture and rugs to carefully selected accents, each piece exudes a contemporary yet classic allure.

Mamma Sofa by Artilleriet Atelier is crafted with rounded forms that offers aesthetic appeal from all angles. Constructed by Sweden's finest craftsmen with top-quality materials, it's built to last for generations. 

NEW Rug No.21 - Artilleriet exclusive limited edition is a collaboration with Cappelen Dimyr. Crafted with chunky wool and inspired by their No.10 design, it features bold handspun slub yarn edges for a soft, bohemian touch. 

Audo The Tired Man, an iconic Danish design launched in 1935, epitomizes craftsmanship and comfort. Originally conceived by Flemming Lassen, it's been relaunched with plush upholstery options and oak heartwood legs.

N–CT01 Sofa Table by Karimoku Case raws inspiration from Japanese shrine and temple architecture, featuring precisely spaced wooden elements for a light appearance. The stone top nods to minimalist designs by Danish designer Poul Kjærholm.

Crafted from cherry wood, the Hommage Oblong Dining Table is a collaborative creation by Matti Carlson and Artilleriet. Handmade in Sweden by skilled artisans at Tre Sekel, it embodies timeless craftsmanship.

The Skedblad chair by Carl Malmsten is crafted by Tre Sekel from solid oak. Designed in 1933, it derives its name from its spoon-like silhouette, a nod to its graceful curves and ergonomic design.

Artilleriet and Jan Ekselius relaunched the iconic Etcetera series, a 70s design classic. The Easy Chair, with its organic design, provides both style and comfort to any interior.

Cappelen Dimyr's classic Rug No.02 is a decorative hand-knotted rug with a soft, irregular pattern that creates a vivid and intriguing feel. The long fringe edge elevates the end line and adds an arty and ethnic detail.

Lampampe, from Ingo Maurer, is a dreamlike and artistic table lamp. It’s made of one of Maurer’s favorite materials - paper. The Lampampe is a true classic and it illuminates a gentle diffused light which intensifies its beautiful impression.

Haller Glass Side Table: a sleek addition to the iconic USM Modular Furniture series. Crafted with precision from chrome-plated brass ball joints and chromed steel tube.

The Cappelen Dimyr Rug No.05 features natural, unbleached New Zealand wool in the soft off-white shade "Shell." Its braided chunky fringe edge adds an artistic, ethnic detail, elevating its end line.

Colonnade No.02 is an homage to the understated bohemian elegance that is the signature of Cappelen Dimyr. The soft irregular pattern of highs and lows creates a vivid and intriguing look.

Billy Floor Lamp Ilse Crawford Edition, from Kalmar Werkstätten, adds sophistication, humility, and warmth to the utilitarian design. In this version, the lamp has a rosewood stem standing on satin-brass feet.

PP225 Flag Halyard Chair by PP Møbler, designed by Hans J. Wegner, features stainless steel frame and 240 meters of flag line for seat and back. Wegner's idea was born on a hot summer day, refining it later at his summerhouse.

Artilleriet Totem series draws inspiration from classic candlesticks, encouraging personal arrangement with single or multiple pieces. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by local artisans in Sweden.

Cappelen Dimyr Covers: Bohemian luxury at its finest. Handcrafted in India by skilled artisans, they elevate your home's ambiance with precision and tradition.


Photo by Fanny Rådvik, 2024