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Apr 26, 2024

Artilleriet Studio: A 60's Gem in Askim

"Natural materials and color tones that reflect a calm and peaceful environment"



An impulse became a spontaneous house purchase. When Lina and her family found the perfect recidence things happened quickly, now that time has passed, it's been 14 years since they moved in. Once again it was time for new interior design and there was a desire for a warm and cozy feeling, with natural materials and color tones that reflect a calm and peaceful environment.

Öppen spis i 60 tals-hus , vit fårskinns fåtölj från & tradition.
Matplats med matbord från Tre sekel i rökt ek, taklampa från Gervasoni i  nickelpläterad mässing.
Vacker serveringsvagn från Sika Design.
Matplats med stolar i valnöt från & Tradition, Drawn HM3. Vacker från Kalmar Werkstätten.galvlampa med vit skärm

By working with sleek wooden furniture and natural materials, the interior creates a common thread that ties together the needs of a typical 60s house. Reflecting the house's identity in the interior design provides a sense of harmony and balance.




Sober grön soffa. Vit rundad fåtölj. Lampa med vit skärm och vackert glasbord med trä underrede.
Rofylld arbetsplats med skrivbord och bänklampa med vit skärm.

“We wanted help with an overall concept and knew instantly that we wanted to collaborate with Artilleriet Studio. We love your exhibitions! It's the feeling we want in our home.”

Stort fönsterparti med loungestol från Etcetera.
Spegel med rundad överkant.
Skrivbord med stol Botolo High Armchair från Arflex.



The vision became reality, and the final result became a home where light calm tones meet slightly darker organic materials. This in a perfect balance that reflects the spirit of the house.

vackert fönsterparti i 60 talshus. Bänk från Ventasso.
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