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Nov 04, 2022

Artilleriet Christmas 2022

Let us welcome you to Artilleriet Christmas with a warm embrace of moody candle lights, beautiful decorations, ornaments, and inviting dinner settings. All made to create joyful moments together with family and friends.

The enchanting Artilleriet Christmas awaits you to bring the perfect setting for a family gathering surrounded by the ones you love. When the evening knocks on the door, curl up by the fireplace in your favorite lounge chair or sofa to create that warm feeling that Christmas is all about.

One of the things that Christmas is all about is gathering around the dinner table with family and friends and enjoy a perfectly cooked dinner and Christmas sweets. Surround yourself with candles, swirly patterns, and ornamented objects for an enchanting holiday atmosphere.


Enjoy Artilleriet Christmas online at or in our stores.