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Bruno Armchair

From 60 340 SEK


Bruno Armchair, from SCP, is an open-sided armchair design that acknowledges changes in the culture of sitting. A design that has an oak frame which cradles the body of the chair. The form of the chair itself is notable for having one side partially open, with the other arm low enough to become somewhere a leg or knee would rest. There are elegant curves throughout the design, all facing inwards, emphasising a sense of privacy and comfort. It is a simple design of good proportion, one that is responsive to human scale and gesture.

FSC oak frame, covered with natural fibres.
Width: 104 cm
Depth: 85 cm
Height: 104 cm
Seat height: 42 cm
This product is made to order according to your choice of materials, we only show a selection of possibilities. To get more information, please contact us at or call +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.