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Tatu Table Lamp

From 4 470 SEK

Gyratory structure manufactured in red or S&C white ABS plastic.
H: 25 cm, D: 20,5 cm
Built-in LED. Dimmer and switch incorporated into the luminaire. Adjustable light intensity 0% to 100%.

Tatu is an object-lamp that has become a memorable icon for Spanish pop culture in the 1970s. The lamp takes us back to carefree days, when consumer goods came to the European middle classes and their children started a massive aesthetic revolution; from Andy Warhol to the Beatles to Mary Quant.

The flexible lamp consists of three parts that can rotate independently to adapt the use for a shelf, desk, bedside table or as a wall lamp. Santa & Cole's edition of the original Tatu has been improved through LED technology. A converging lens that allows the user to adjust the focal length and light intensity.

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