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Merino Rug

From 9 950 SEK


As the name suggests, Merino Rug from Nordic Knots is a collection of handmade rugs by artisan weavers in natural undyed merino wool with a lot of attention to detail. The elegant trimmed edge and the fringes in each corner give the carpet a charming Scandinavian-Bohemian aesthetic.

The flatweave merino rug has a soft touch of very high-quality luxurious fiber. The natural merino yarn has a dusty warm shade of white that will beautifully complement other raw materials such as wood, stone, and concrete.

Merino wool
Available in 5 sizes.
The brand

With a Scandinavian design, the rugs of Nordic Knots are inspired by the landscape and the light of the North. By combining contemporary minimalism and the sharp, understated coolness of the Nordics with craftsmanship of the highest quality, Nordic Knots creates a timeless aesthetic that will last for generations.