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N-LC02 - Smoked Oak - Black Leather

39 300 SEK


N-LC02 has the same basic construction as N-LC01 but instead has a freely hanging seat in leather or canvas. The seat is shaped according to the person sitting in the armchair and N-LC02 creates a much more lightweight expression- a concept that carries its references from the traditional "safari chairs".

Smoked oak, leather
Width: 72,5 cm
Depth: 67 cm
Height: 72 cm
Seat height: 33 cm
About the collection
As part of the ‘Kinuta Collection’, a collaboration between the Japanese architects from Keiji Ashizawa Design and Danish Norm Architects, a set of specially designed furniture has been created with nature as a reference. An attempt to invite nature as much as possible - both through design as well as through material compositions.