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N-CT01 Sofa Table - Pure Oak - Marble

37 650 SEK


N-CT01 is a coffee table made of solid, genuine materials and with a construction based on traditional Japanese architecture. Thanks to the coffee table's elegant base, where the various wooden parts are intentionally spaced and levelled with high precision, making the furniture piece light in its appearance. The spacing between each element lets the light travel through to make for an organic, living piece of furniture.

Oak, marble
Length: 180 cm
Width: 45,8 cm
Height: 32 cm
About the collection
As part of the ‘Kinuta Collection’, a collaboration between the Japanese architects from Keiji Ashizawa Design and Danish Norm Architects, a set of specially designed furniture has been created with nature as a reference. An attempt to invite nature as much as possible - both through design as well as through material compositions.