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Ann Demeulemeester - Edo Wall Lamp Black/White

5 390 SEK

H: 80 cm, L: 19 cm, W: 11 cm

Two sharp needles seem to literally pin a semi-circle full of viscose wires to the wall. The wires invite you to touch them, or even to caress them. The light produced by Edo creates a warm glow on the wall and gives your room a special effect.

Tactility, contrast and poetry make up the most important strengths of this exceptional collection. These are not lighting objects that sit invisibly in a corner, but showpieces that demonstrate what thousands of hand-painted viscose threads are capable of: completely transforming a space. Both in terms of atmosphere and light.

The brand
Ann Demeulemeester x Serax - This exceptional collection of lighting & tableware in unique looks is inspired by poetry and contrasts.
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