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Berger Rug - Light Beige - 170 x 240 cm

7 900 SEK


Traditional shepherd's rug known as Flokati, from Greece, made of high quality wool. Berger Rug is made by a special production process from the early 20th century where the wool is placed under pressure in natural waterfalls, giving the carpet its vibrant appearance. A Flokati is an investment that retains its value without losing its uniqueness, a rug that only will be finer over the years.

100% Wool

170 x 240 cm

Berger Rug is a unique rug individually woven, which means that no rug will look the same. Please be aware that the size and color may vary.
Some shedding is normal for new rugs and will reduce over time.

Clean the rug by regularly shaking to remove dust or dirt, and occasionally air it. Vacuum with the air attachment on a low pressure, do not use a vacuum cleaner with a beater brush. Do not dry clean. For harder stains, always use a professional carpet cleaner.