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Beni Heya - Zahara Beige - 170 x 240 cm

19 970 SEK


Beni Heya is a rug made by hand from natural wool, one knot at a time. In the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, weavers from small communities have been manufacturing hand-knotted wool rugs in the same way for thousands of years. When you order one of our unique Beni rug, it is made uniquely for you from the same community of shepherds and weavers who have created rugs for generations. No machines, just hands and a tradition older than Morocco itself.

100% Wool
170 x 240 cm
Your unique Beni Rug is made to order, entirely by hand from 100% natural wool, which entails naturally beautiful variations in pattern and color. These variations make each rug truly unique. The designs is scaled depending on the size of the carpet.
Hand knotted rugs shall always be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner.