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Plethora Magazine Issue No 10

1 650 SEK


Plethora Magazine Issue no. 10- Theia Mania – The Wrath of the Gods. The anniversary issue # 10 of Plethora Magazine investigates the unpredictable wraths and whims of the gods – as a fundamental source of divine artistic inspiration and creativity but also as a cunning medium for unleashing persistent waves of retribution and dismay on humanity - always to devastating effects on both the human condition and the prevailing societal order.

The issue features article on everything from the devious nature of pandemics, crumbling towers and Babylonian myths, Inuit rites and Butoh - the avant-garde Japanese dance of darkness and light.

Featured artist:
Eikoh Hosoe, Georg Baselitz, Francesco de Goya, Adam Jeppesen, Ludovico Burnacini, Atsuko Tanaka, William Blake, Nicolai Howalt, Gustave Dorè, Kenojuak Ashevak and more…

Limited edition of 1000 copies
Special 4 page insert: tetraptych time alter by Adam Jeppesen.
Format 70,5 x 50,5 cm, 52 pages
Handmade archival folder in marbled, dead-stock fibre carton. Natural, cotton ribbon closure.

Printed by Narayana Press Yoga Ashrama

70,5 x 50,5 cm