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The Vegan Butcher

430 SEK


In The Vegan Butcher you’ll discover how to create the perfect plant-based meats – sure to sate the most dedicated carnivore. Eating vegan doesn’t mean missing out on the flavor, texture and diversity of food that meat eaters love. From soybeans to seitan, konjaku to mushrooms, there is little that can’t be achieved using plant-based ingredients, and the Vegan Butcher – aka Zacchary Bird – is here to show you how. Learn how to create meaty textures through the power of freezing tofu, transform a bag of flour into chewy seitan that will trick even the most diehard chicken fans or play mad scientist with methylcellulose to make the perfect plant-based burgers. With step-by-step visual guides and more than 130 killer recipes, The Vegan Butcher will completely change the way you think about vegan food. Join the revolution!

Length: 25 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 3,3 cm
304 pages, english language