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Ark Journal - Vol 11

290 SEK


Ark Journal Volume 11 explores how history influences art, design, and architecture, emphasizing evolving interpretations and context. They discuss architects balancing tradition and innovation, adaptive reuse, and preserving cultural heritage. Featured are two iconic mid-century modernist houses undergoing respectful transformations. Architect Ray Kappe's style is translated into a contemporary Berlin home, and a Baltic Sea island residence embraces nature. Architect Sumayya Vally highlights identity's role in shaping architecture. We get to visit Hvitträsk, Eliel, and Loja Saarinen's Finnish home, where creativity thrives. In Case Studies, Pernille Vest explores furniture as art, and the von Bartha family shares insights on living and working with art in Basel. In Design Metaphors, Ettore Sottsass's photography explores architectural origins. Ana Elena Mallet discusses Latin American design histories at MoMA. Their Portfolio delves into utopian influences on Latin American modernity in architecture, design, and art.

Paperback cover
240 pages, English language. 3 different covers, sold randomly.