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The Red Table

From 92 800 SEK


Originally created as the ultimate dining table for our kitchen studio, designed to focus entirely on the dining experience, we crafted a bespoke table in a striking shade of red. This hue was inspired by the childhood memories of watching our mothers meticulously painting their nails to perfection. Red, symbolizing love, warmth, and energy, creates a uniquely inviting atmosphere when gathered around the table. Although the table legs may appear freely placed at first glance, they actually follow a precise and deliberate pattern, creating an illusion of movement while ensuring stability and balance. The table serves not only as a functional centerpiece but also as a sculptural statement, accentuating the heart of the home—the dining area.

Initially intended as a unique piece for our kitchen studio, numerous requests have led us to further develop the table. Building upon the concept of the exhibition table, we have expanded it into multiple sizes and colors. The table is entirely handmade by our craftsmen in Sweden with the utmost respect for the craft, coated in multiple layers of lacquer to achieve the perfect surface.

Wood fiber composite, lacquer

Available in custom-made colors
Available in various sizes: 250 cm, 300 cm, 370 cm