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Loops Rug - Green - 300 x 400 cm

29 950 SEK


A collection of rugs signed the renowned architect and interior designer, Giancarlo Valle. The rugs are crafted in characteristically soft New Zealand wool, featuring decorative motifs and playfully cut corners. The collection explores a shared emotional connection to color in a dialogue between cultures and memories. Influenced by his upbringing in Latin America and enriched by influences from Nordic folklore, driven by a constant desire to convey his creativity through drawings and vibrant hues, Valle has created a captivating collection.

The Giancarlo Valle collection is handmade in limited quantities, with only a few available in each size.

”A home to me is about framing life. This collection was a chance to explore something very personal—to reconnect with the idea of painting and sketching from my childhood. The sketches are a way of working, creating a language, a way of talking through visuals. These rugs celebrate that very existential urge of self-expression.” - Giamcarlo Valle

100% Wool
300 x 400 cm
To ensure the perfect fit for your unique space, we offer customization for a wide selection of rugs from Nordic Knots. Please get in touch with us with your preferred collection, color, shipping country, and desired size for a personalized quote.
Some shedding is normal for new rugs and will reduce over time with frequent vacuuming. Vacuum clean regularly without bristles to remove dirt and dust, but don't overdo it. Vacuum on low-power and use the flat nozzle attachment, or setting. Only use a flat vacuum head or an upholstery attachment. Dry stains, scrape with a blunt object like a tablespoon or a spatula, and then vacuum clean the remains. Wet stains, gently wipe and if needed, use lukewarm water and colorless detergent. Soak up residues with a dry microfiber cloth. For harder stains, always use a professional carpet cleaner.