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The Dream Mask

850 SEK


The Dream Mask is a gel-textured overnight hydration bomb designed to restore and plump skin, perfect for surface-dry and combination skin. The combination of pore-refining niacinamide and renewing bakuchiol work in synergy to combat pigmentation, loss of elasticity and plump fine lines. Paired with an antioxidant-rich blend of hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn and vitamin E, it boosts collagen production, ensures deep hydration and increases your skin's bounce and radiance - all while you sleep.

75 ml
Apply on your face and neck after cleansing and leave on overnight. Can be used daily or as a booster 2-3 times/week. Store dark and cool at room temperature. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Please note that we recommend an age limit of 18 years for the purchase of skincare products from Mantle. We encourage responsible consumption to ensure a safe and appropriate use of the products.
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