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Plethora Magazine Issue No 11

1 650 SEK


Plethora Magazine issue #11 – Anatomy of the Extreme

Issue eleven of Plethora Magazine pursues the boundaries of human capabilities and the extent to which our bodies and minds drive us to so seek out extreme achievements - often far beyond the rational threshold of natural physicality and sometimes in blatant disregard of our mortal confines. The issue features articles on everything from: The conditioning and transformation of body and mind, The anti-Olympian athlete, The ritualistic roots of bungee jumping, Ultimate face-offs in the celluloid culture and The anatomy of the extreme. Featuring Gustav Zander, Adriane Collaert, Chris Burkard, Salvador Dali, Otani Workshop, Body Worlds, Franco Basualdo, Kusakabe Kimbei, Wu Hsichi and more.

Limited edition of 1000 copies

Dead-stock fibre-carton, cotton ribbon closure.

H: 70,5 cm, W: 50,5 cm
52 pages