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The Treat

550 SEK


The Treat is a 10% azelaic acid treatment that tackles breakouts, combats redness + pigmentation and evens out skin tone. Featuring fermented dragon's blood, lingonberry and azelaic acid, it calms moody skin, resulting in a clear and balanced complexion.

15 ml
Apply a small, pea size amount on cleansed, dry skin all over your face, or on areas in need of an extra treat. Avoid the delicate area around the eyes. Follow up with serum and moisturiser. The Treat can be used morning and/or night. Always follow up with SPF during the day.
For sensitive skin and/or skin that is new to active products containing azelaic acid, we recommend slow incorporation of The Treat by using it every other, or every third day. The Treat can be used up to twice a day once product tolerance has built up.

Please note that we recommend an age limit of 18 years for the purchase of skincare products from Mantle. We encourage responsible consumption to ensure a safe and appropriate use of the products.
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