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Shui Vase - Clear

2 200 SEK


Shuí, the result of a unique collaboration between Artilleriet, Skrufs Glasbruk and the artist Märta Louise Karlsson, is our ode to the tradition of handicraft in Sweden. It’s made according to traditional methods that requires tremendous precision and skill of the glass blower. Small peculiarities, such as blisters or bubbles in the glass, reminds us of the original and origin of the vase. The inspiration to Shuí is derived from Smålands deep forest flower buds, dew and barn, optical effects, tactile surfaces and imperfect perfection.

For all of us, a vase is a item with big importance in our homes and interiors. Therefore, our common vision was to create the ultimate vase; one that is as beautiful as solitary, with just a twig in or to the full width of flowers. One that holds plenty of water
and, for the sake of the flowers, is easy to keep clean. Last but not least we wanted it to be in the highest glass quality and with a timeless shape.

The vase is named after the chinese word for water, and is the other half of Feng Shui, the lesson about decorating in harmony with nature's own elements.

H: 25 cm, Ø: 16 cm