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The High Road Hand Wash + Lotion

700 SEK


A set of hand wash and hand lotion from Mantle in collaboration with the Swedish fragrance house CRA-YON. Fresh comfort in a bottle, this calming duo is equal parts cleansing and hydration. Packed with nourishing ingredients the hand wash gently lathers and leaves the skin feeling supple and perfectly prepped for deep, instant hydration. Together this power couple set the stage for a truly sensorial experience, headlined by the herbaceous, sensual, and deep notes of The High Road, MANTLE’s signature scent created in collaboration with CRA-YON.

Hand wash: 500 ml
Hand lotion: 250 ml
Use the hand wash to gently clean the hands without stripping them of moisture, leaving them super soft and hydrated. Finish with the hand lotion that moisturizes post-cleansing with nourishing and barrier-strengthening ingredients like cannabis seed oil, shea butter, ceramides, and vitamin E.
Please note that we recommend an age limit of 18 years for the purchase of skincare products from Mantle. We encourage responsible consumption to ensure a safe and appropriate use of the products.
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