Talk Quilt 140x230 63 Verbena
Talk Quilt 140x230 63 Verbena
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Talk Quilt 140x230 63 VerbenaTalk Quilt 140x230 63 Verbena

Society - Talk Bed Cover 140x230 cm Verbena

11 280 SEK


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Like a light, soft, cosy cloud, Talk quilt is 100% Siberian White Goose feather, quilted with a special high-tech fabric, soft and smooth to the touch with a “talcum powder” feeling. It comes in a 140x230 cm size, with button holes on all four sides, and can be joined to other layers with mother-of-pearl buttons. It can be used on a single bed, or side-by-side on a double bed, or layered as a sleeping bag. This light quilt by Society Limonta is ideal for a nice snuggle on the sofa and it weighs only 40g sq. m.