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Tiger - Cream - 250 x 350 cm

9 950 SEK


Tiger, from Nordic Knots, is a rug with bold black stripes on muted colors. The pattern add both character and warmth to any decor. This rug is skillfully hand loomed in high-quality New Zealand wool for a soft feel that will last a lifetime. The rug is woven straight through so you can use both sides of the rug.

Available in three colors.

100% New Zealand wool
250 x 350 cm
Some shedding is normal for new rugs and will reduce over time with frequent vacuuming. Vacuum clean regularly without bristles to remove dirt and dust, but don't overdo it. Vacuum on low-power and use the flat nozzle attachment, or setting. Only use a flat vacuum head or an upholstery attachment.
Dry stains, scrape with a blunt object like a tablespoon or a spatula and then vacuum clean the remains.

Wet stains, gently wipe and if needed, use lukewarm water and colorless detergent. Soak up residues with a dry microfiber cloth. For harder stains, always use a professional carpet cleaner.