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Limited Edition Summer Coffee by Sjöstrand

50 SEK


Sjöstrand’s summer coffee is developed with Kersh Kaffe, and is a soft dark roast from Peru, with a hint of cacao and a rich aftertaste. The man behind Kersh Kaffe, Aadel Kersh himself, has chosen beans and roast to create a suitable taste buddy for the Swedish summer. The Coffee can be enjoyed as is, together with a barbeque, or why not with traditional Swedish summer “fika” with coffee, cake, and strawberries.

Both Sjöstrand and Kersh Kaffe origins from the Swedish Archipelago. And even though Kersh Kaffe has grown since the start, they are still roasting some of their coffee in the archipelago, close by the water at the island of Värmdö. The Arabica beans for this coffee come from a friend’s mother, who small-scale farmed them in Peru.

The Summer Coffee is only available in a smaller edition, for a limited time period.

100% organic coffee.

10 degradable capsules.

The brand
Sjöstrand Coffee is an environmentally friendly coffee company with just as much focus on good taste as the environment. Espresso machines, coffee capsules, coffee, etc.
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