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PP502 Swivel Chair – Oiled Cherry – Black Leather

187 890 SEK


PP502 Swivel Chair, from PP Møbler, was designed by Hans J. Wegner, 1955. The Swivel Chair is an uncompromising tool with comfort and ergonomics as overriding considerations. In actual fact, it is a continuation of pp501/pp503 The Chair, which marked a turning point, not just for Wegner but also for Danish Design in general. The top bar, made of solid wood and twisted like a propeller, is separated from the remaining frame and completed at the very limit of what is possible for full ergonomic advantage.

The different pieces have been cut from newly felled trees that must be at least 150 years old in order to be the right size. The wood is left to dry for up to 2 years, in a highly controlled environment until the humidity is down to no more than six percent. The frame is made from silver soldered stainless steel and includes an adjustment mechanism enabling the user to adjust the height of the chair. Only the finest leather is used for upholstering the seat.

Oiled cherry, stainless steel, leather
H: 71-77 cm, W: 74 cm, Seat height: 40-46 cm, D: 55 cm
PP502 is available in several fabrics and materials. For information, please contact us at or call +46 (0) 31-711 76 21.