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Borago Ionic Body Brush

630 SEK


Extend your self-care ritual with dry brushing before showering. This body brush exfoliates your skin, stimulates circulation and reduces fine lines. When you use the brush, the copper bristles form negative ions on the surface of your skin. These ions are known to stimulate your lymph nodes, increase the resistance of your skin, reduce cellulite, and improve the elasticity of your skin. Use on dry skin 2 to 5 minutes before showering. The key is to use long, gentle strokes and always towards your heart. Start with your feet and move your way up. After use, remove skin particles by pushing your thumb through the bristles, running a comb through them or tapping the brush on a clean, even surface. The ash wood has been given a heat treatment to make it highly durable and resistant to humidity. This also gives it the beautiful, dark color.

Ash, copper, pig hair
Length: 9,9 cm
Width: 9 cm
Height: 3,2 cm