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Beewax Candles - Set of 4

240 SEK


Pure beeswax candles in set of 4. With beautiful craft the abandon honeycombs by the bees is transformed into to the most sustainable candles on earth. These candles are produced in a circular manner without residual waste, and have a wick of eco cotton without borax. The white dusting on the candle only occurs when the candle consists of 100% pure bee wax of the highest quality. The white dusting can easily be removed with a soft cloth.

100% beeswax, wick of eco cotton

L: 30 cm
The ideal length for a wick is about 1 cm. A longer wick will usually soot. If it does, cut it back to 1 cm. In order to burn beautifully and evenly, especially with bigger candles, it is important that the entire surface becomes liquid every time. So let the candle burn for a long enough time.