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Brick 99 Mirror

6 300 SEK

Delivery status: Made to order (4-8 weeks)
Mirror, white lacquered
Ø: 50 cm
Founded in 1882, Gervasoni is currently managed by the third generation of the family, with Giovanni and Michele Gervasoni. The aesthetic standards and production techniques have changed over the years, but not the passion for beauty and art. Gervasoni designs, develops, manufactures and markets furniture solutions and collaboration with some of the most qualified designers, such as Paola Navone, Marco Piva, Michael Sodeau and Jasper Startup. This guarantees the aesthetic quality of the products and continued experimentation with new materials.

Brick 99 is a beautiful mirror with white lacquered decoration from Gervasoni. This unique piece is designed by the award-winning director Paola Navone.

The brand
Gervasoni - The Italian company with a big heart for design & details is now in the third generation Gervasoni. See furniture, furnishings & outdoor furniture.
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