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Jan 19, 2022

Canoa Lab - Unique, Single, Individual

Avoiding mass production processes, Canoa Lab focuses on the craftsmanship and research behind some of the most ancient ceramic and goldsmithing techniques to develop vases that are handmade in the heart of Valencia, Spain. At the very core of their work, the development of finishes and surface treatments make each piece unique. Canoa Lab’s pieces are now available exclusively at Artilleriet.

Both students of Fine Arts, Raquel and Pedro have worked across creative disciplines finding a shared path with Canoa Lab where they get to experiment with shapes, textures and build new metaphorical containers that reflect the connections between form, textures and time.

As a result of the profound analysis of the different types of vases found in the Mediterranean, especially from Ancient Greece and Rome, Canoa Lab has developed a series of vases that combine the ancient forms and shapes with experimental surface treatments featuring glazes and contemporary elements.

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