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Sep 25, 2018

Astier de Villatte - Beauty First

Ivan Pericoli and Benoit Astier de Villatte first met in the late 90’s in Paris, where they both studied at the Beaux Arts. Putting beauty first and practicality second they started making still life pieces using techniques passed down from Benoit’s father. They opened a flagship boutique on rue Saint Honoré. Together with their Tibetan and French artisans they’re the only major Parisian studio to keep the tradition of artisanal ceramic production alive.


All their objects are handmade, celebrating the beauty of imperfection, resulting in making an Astier de Villatte item something truly special to have in one’s home.

They say that forgotten objects, things that spark their curiosity, inspire them.» There is no principle behind it! We can be inspired by a million things: a museum, a flower bouquet forgotten in a vase, a certain kind of light, or even a trashcan! Their main objective is always the beauty of the object. Form is what we are primarily interested in, and if the object functions as well, then we’re very happy! When we create a cup, we don’t just want to create an object from which you can drink, we want it to be a potential centrepiece for a still-life. In a way, we feel that the primary function of an object is to be beautiful.«


They started out with ceramics, then went into scented candles, incense, ceiling lights, stationary, etc. »You could say our work is becoming increasingly eclectic. As time goes by, it has become obvious that what we want is to do the things we love without cutting into pre-existing categories.

We stay true to what we see; we don’t like anything that is contrived. Plato said: ‘Beauty is the splendour of Truth’. «

They dream of visiting Artilleriet. »We hope we can come soon! We’re extremely happy about this collaboration, we loved the Kobe candle, and we loved the idea of dressing it with the marble motif from our collaboration with John Derian. They name the Opéra candle as on of their favourite pieces. »We’re crazy about the it, it’s one of our classics but we can’t seem to tire of it! We’re also very proud of our guide: Ma Vie à Paris it’s entirely letter-pressed, by the last letterpress printer in France, and it contains all our favourite addresses and regular haunts!«

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