Shoe Shelf In Metal – 58 x 30 – Black

525 SEK
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A practical and modern shoe shelf from String in Metal. Combine the shelfs with the other variations of shelfs and the floor panels. The shelfs gives the room a well organized and sleek feeling.

Fine Textured coated steel

L: 58 W: 30 cm

Nils Strinning
- Nils Strinning, born 1917 in Kramfors, Sweden were a very loved architect and furniture designer. As a student at the Royal Institute Technology he designed a dish drainer which later on would get the name Elfa and it came to be very popular. In 1949 he designed the String shelf with his wife Kajsa Strinning for a compitition arranged by Bonnier and it became an icon in the swedish furniture culture, as now in 2010s century it is still as relevant. He was a man who seeked smart solutions and furnitures that would make the every day life easier. He designed everything from holders to trashbags, changing tables, threadbags to warderobs to cabinets and ergonomic tables. Here at Artilleriet you can find a big selection of his designs

58 x 30 cm
58 x 30 cm