No.8 290 x 350 cm
No.8 290 x 350 cm
No.8 290 x 350 cm
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No.8 290 x 350 cmNo.8 290 x 350 cmNo.8 290 x 350 cm

No.8 290 x 350 cm

Cappelen Dimyr
29 000 SEK


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No. 08 is a true eclectic statement piece, celebrating the understated bohemian elegance that's in the core dna of Cappelen Dimyr. The organic and irregular shape creates a soft and artistic vibe and its texture in highs and lows creates a vivid and intriguing feel. The rug is in 100% natural and un bleached New Zeeland wool in a soft creme beige.

Hand knotted in New Zeeland wool

290 x 350 cm

Any variation in color or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item and makes each piece unique. This is a partly long pile and shaggy rug which usually have a tendency to shed more than low pile rugs. Make sure to vacuum often to reduce this.