Pardon - EdP 30 ml
Pardon - EdP 30 ml
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Pardon - EdP 30 mlPardon - EdP 30 ml

Pardon - EdP 30 ml

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Pardon is the perfume of a gentleman, elegant and luxurious down to the details. Dressed in perfectly trimmed suits, freshly shaved by his barber, delicate silk gloves adorning his fine and soft hands. He takes advantage of all the riches that life can offer him. He wears this perfume, the symbol of ultimate masculine elegance.

head notes : aldehyde, cinnamon, mandarin
heart notes : magnolia
base notes : agarwood, black chocolate, castoreum, cedar, musk, sandalwood, smoke, tonka, vanilla

Nasomatto is an experimental olfactory platform founded by Alessandro Gualtieri. Each fragrance stands as an artistically personal expression of the creator. “Nasomatto” translates from Italian as ‘crazy nose’.

30 ml