Onde Biancha 100ml
Onde Biancha 100ml
Onde Biancha 100ml
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Onde Biancha 100mlOnde Biancha 100mlOnde Biancha 100ml

Onde Biancha 100ml

Capsule Parfumerie
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White grapefruit, Cucumber, Sea lily, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk

Eau de toilette 100 ml

Capsule Parfumerie a cruelty-free company and do not use animal products or test on animals. All products are made by hand in Los Angeles, California.


A bracing kiss of sea spray. Fragrant coastal blossoms in flight on the whipping wind. ONDE BIANCHA captures the cleansing power of the sea with stimulating notes of grapefruit, calming cucumber, and aromatic sea lily. Warmed with a caress of creamy sandalwood and ambergris musk, this fragrance evokes pristine beaches and ancient tides.