Horizon Lake Carpet
Horizon Lake Carpet
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Horizon Lake CarpetHorizon Lake Carpet

Horizon Lake Carpet

14 720 SEK


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Horizon is a hand tufted rug by Mattias Stenberg for Asplund Collection. The Horizon rugs were designed to be suitable for both floor use and to be hung on the wall as tapestries.

”I have been inspired by my grandfather who sat and starred at the same horizon his whole life. When younger I thought: How boring. But now I also have a view that gives me peace and pleasure. Many of us have ”our own” horizon that we stop and meditate by, over the seasons, an ocean, a lake or a meadow.” Says Mattias Stenberg.

50% Wool, 50% Tencel

160 x 160 cm
160 x 240 cm

Hand tufted rugs shall always be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. Dry cleaning and other chemical treatments can ruin the back of the rug and the colors.

Stains on silk and tencel shall not be removed with water, only a slightly damp cloth and try on a small part of the carpet first. Never use chemicals at home.


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