Oiled Walnut/Ash
Oiled Walnut/Ash
Oiled Walnut/Ash
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Oiled Walnut/AshOiled Walnut/AshOiled Walnut/Ash

Burnham Windsor Chair - Walnut/Oiled Ash

De La Espada
21 300 SEK
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Burnham Windsor Chair, from De La Espada, is a classic chair with designs from the 18th century in a modernized, sober interpretation. The chair is made using traditional techniques to promote the history and development of the English Windsor chair. The combination of two different types of wood provides beautiful contrasts where the legs meet the top of the seat.

Made in Portugal through advanced technology and craftsmanship to create unique and meaningful objects made of solid carefully selected wood. Each product is detailed and designed to last a lifetime.

Oiled walnut and ash

W: 73 cm, D: 71 cm, H: 76,5 cm,
Seat height: 39 cm