Nuda – Munchies
Nuda – Munchies
Nuda – Munchies
Nuda – Munchies
Nuda – Munchies
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Nuda – MunchiesNuda – MunchiesNuda – MunchiesNuda – MunchiesNuda – Munchies

Nuda – Munchies

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Munchies features interviews with Lykke Li about her relationship with alcohol and David Shrigley about his wife’s homegrown vegetables, while Honey Dijon gets into conversation with fellow DJ Kornél Kovács about the best restaurants they visited when they were touring the world pre-pandemic.

It also explores Wolfgang Tillmans’ foodie still-lifes, how the pandemic has limited our lives to the domestic sphere, the do’s and don’ts of dinner table etiquette, and even more niche subjects such as cannibalism.

Featuring: Lykke Li, David Shrigley, Wolfgang Tillmans, Honey Dijon, Frederik Bille Brahe, Matt Lambert, Michael Smith, Kornél Kovács, Lotta Lundgren, Nadia Teheran

204 pages
Independent print
Cover: Honey Dijon by Matt Lambert


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