Our pricing is based on recommendations from our suppliers. To feel safe for you as a customer, we offer a price guarantee. This means that you can always expect the right price from us, if you find the same product at another retailer we will of course match that price.

For more information on price guarantee, talk to seller in store or contact info@artilleriet.se.

We will match prices under the conditions below,

Terms, price guarantee:
Price guarantee applies to matching current price from authorized dealers in Sweden, including equivalent shipping option.
Contact us before you make your purchase if you wish to use our price guarantee.
The price guarantee does not apply to orders already placed.
Product and price are verified by validated documentation, we need to know that the product is original, is not a part of a temporary campaign, realization or stock cleaning and is in exactly the same design (size, material, color etc.).
Validated documentation is, for example, a current quote or a link to another retailer's website where the lower price appears. For quotes by mail, only forwarded mail is accepted in original.

Includes display items and unique pieces that are not part of Artilleriet Interiors AB's product range, or for any other reason not to be in stock goods at Artilleriet Interiors AB. If the product has a defect, this is indicated in the product description and it is up to the buyer to verify this before the purchase. Please note that for products marked "Sample Sale", return and refund is not possible. Please contact info@artilleriet.se for more information.

All prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK) including VAT.

Payment can be made by debit or credit cards linked to Visa or MasterCard. Please note that the delivery recipient's name and address must match the card / account holder's name and address. Artilleriet Interiors AB does not charge additional fees for card payments. We use the security standard developed by Visa and MasterCard for payments over the Internet. Data is transferred using secure SSL encryption, this means that no unauthorized person can see your card details.
If you are under 18, you must have parental permission to order from Artilleriet. Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted. The Artilleriet Interiors AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.

If you choose to pay with Klarna invoice, click HERE to read more about Klarna Terms.
When you choose to pay by invoice an invoice fee of 29 SEK will be added.
To choose invoice you need a Swedish id-number.

Artilleriet guarantees, according to the Personal Data Act (PUL), that your personal information will never be disclosed to third parties.

When purchasing in our online store or by phone the distance law is applied. This means that you, the customer has the right to return your purchase within 14 days. The 14 days starts from the date the customer receives the product.
The merchandise must be in as good condition as when you received it, this means unused and undamaged. The goods must be packed in original packaging.
Repayment is normally within 1-5 working days, but no later than 30 days after we have received and accepted the return. Please note that any invoice must be paid even if you return the product.
Artilleriet is not responsible for any damage in the return shipment, therefore, send you return well packaged.
When purchasing an item that is not in stock, custom made / ordered or otherwise, the distans law don´t apply. This may for example be a couch in a specific color and fabric made just for you.

How to make a return:
1. Contact our customer service and ask for a return shipping label and return form.
2. Fill in the return form. Be sure that the information is accurate and clear.
3. Pack the product properly, use the original product packaging and a protective transport packaging, similar to that you received the package to you. Do not forget to attach the return blanket in the package.
4. Return the product to the Artilleriet Warehouse using the return shipping label, which was sent to you by email or post.

When you use your right to return the cost for return shipping is payed by the customer. Return shipping is adjusted in connection with the refund of your money.
Return policy does not apply to business customers.

You have the right to claim a product if it can be assumed to be a manufacturing defect in the product. Contact us at info@artilleriet.se and include clear pictures of the defective product and give us your order number.
We are primarily changing the goods with a new one, or if the item is out of stock we will reimburse you for the product.

Important! Be sure to check the goods for any damage when you receive the delivery. Goods with visible external shipping damage should be claimed from us, you have to have the damage noted on your bill of lading from the shipping company in connection with the receipt. Ask the driver to note the damage. If you would discover hidden defects / transport damages after opening the package, communicate this as soon as possible to Artilleriet.
At any transport damage contact info@artilleriet.se and attach the message with clear pictures of the damage and possibly damaged packaging and provide the email with your order number. For us to be able to claim damaged goods to the shipping company, we need to notify transport damage to the shipping company within 1-3 work days. We are therefore grateful if you report the damage within that time.
If the transport provided without endorsement, by proxy, the transport may not be claimed.

We strive to reproduce colors and textures of our products as accurately as possible. We can not guarantee that the pictures shown in the web-shop accurately reflect reality. Due to difference in display settings on your computer etc colors may vary. We often use images from our suppliers, and therefore don´t have the ability to influence the pictures.

We reserve the right to retrospectively correct any incorrect information regarding price and delivery. We reserve the right for any errors in product info as well as price and availability. Even after completing the purchase and sent order confirmation, we reserve the right to change the price and delivery time for any printing errors. If a product in Artilleriet range has expired or for any other reason are not available, Artilleriet is not obligated to provide such a product. Once the customer has placed an order, Artilleriet can not change the order, return conditions apply.

We reserve the right to invoke force majeure in situations where this is applicable.

If you are under 18, you must have your parent's permission to order from us.

All attempts at deception are reported to police. Artillery Interiors AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if deception is suspected.

FOR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF DELIVERY, click on the Delivery & Shipping tab on the bottom of the web page.