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Talk Quilt 140x230 63 Verbena

11 230 SEK


Like a light, soft, cosy cloud, Talk quilt is 100% Siberian White Goose feather, quilted with a special high-tech fabric, soft and smooth to the touch with a “talcum powder” feeling. It comes in a 140x230 cm size, with button holes on all four sides, and can be joined to other layers with mother-of-pearl buttons. It can be used on a single bed, or side-by-side on a double bed, or layered as a sleeping bag. This light quilt by Society Limonta is ideal for a nice snuggle on the sofa and it weighs only 40g sq. m.

The brand
See all textiles from Society at Artilleriet. Exclusive materials of high quality such as linen and wool.
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