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Astier de Villatte
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Dating back to the 19th century, Astier de Villatte has earned its reputation as a legendary manufacturer of ceramics. The pieces are manufactured by some of Paris most skillful ceramic craftsmen in the workshop situated in the historic district of Bastille. The inherited traditional manufacturing methods usually begin with individual treatment of black terracotta clay, resulting in a product that is finally glazed with beautiful white glaze. The glaze accentuates the uniqueness of the clay before each piece is engraved with the company’s representation and initials of the responsible craftsman.

Handmade in Paris

Black Terracotta Clay

Ø: 22 cm, H: 5 cm

Dishwasher safe

About Astier de Villatte

The talented duo Ivan Pericoli and Benoit Astier de Villatte started the now renowned Astier De Villatte in the late 90’s. They draw inspiration from the forgotten and the not well considered and started off with still life pieces putting beauty first and practicality second. When the shop opened in 2000 it itself became inspiration for many pieces there after, and certainly for more to come. With imperfection and unfinished as keywords they’re truly making unique and beautiful designs. Together with their tibetan and french artisans they\'re the only major Parisian studio to keep the tradition of artisanal ceramic production alive.